Six Reasons to Wear Merino Wool

Merino wool is renowned as a luxurious natural fibre. It is used extensively because of its unique properties.


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1. Merino Wool Helps To Regulate Temperature

Merino wool is warm to wear in cold temperatures and helps to regulate your body temperature in hot temperatures. This is made possible by the wool’s natural breathability. In hot weather moisture from your body can escape through the fibres and evaporate, leaving you cooler. In cold temperatures your body heat is kept inside the fibre by its natural insulating properties, keeping you warm.

2. Comfort

The fibres which make up a merino wool yarn or fabric are very thin and flexible, meaning that they do not cause itching and are incredibly comfortable to wear next to your skin. Many people with sensitive skin find that wearing merino improves their condition. 


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3. Durability 

According to, wool items are kept for longer than any others in our wardrobe. Merino wool is many times stronger than cotton, and its fibres are naturally elastic, meaning it bounces back quickly from stretching and wrinkles.

4. Merino Wool Is Stylish 

Merino wool is highly valued by the fashion industry. Merino can be found in all types of garments from a traditionally styled womens merino wool Irish sweater such as those at to couture dresses. Merino can be spun particularly finely so can be used to make both fine fabrics suitable for tailoring and a chunky womens Merino wool Irish sweater.

5. Practicality

Merino wool can be washed in a washing machine on a low temperature. It is naturally fast-drying, and due to its resistance to wrinkles can usually be simply hung out to dry rather than requiring ironing. It can be used for everything from base layers to warm sweaters. Merino wool also absorbs odours, making it especially useful for outdoor clothing and reducing the number of times it needs to be laundered.

6. Environmental Credentials

The environmental impact of our choices is something which is increasingly important to many people. Merino wool is an entirely natural, renewable and biodegradable material. Production of merino wool items consumes less resources than man-made fibres, and when an item has finally worn out and can no longer be repaired it will decompose rather than adding to the impact of pollution by plastics.