WWII Weekend - April 21-23, 2017

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General Information about WWII Weekend

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Please check out the Facebook WWII Weekend Event Page for registration dates and times

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Important Note About the Date

WWII Weekend will be held on its normal weekend. Exeact dates and schedule can be found at the Facebook WWII Weekend Event Page.

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WWII Weekend FlyerWhat is WWII Weekend?

WWII Weekend is the biggest WWII reenacting event in the St. Louis area and is held rain or shine. It is also one of the oldest WWII reenacting events having been held at historic Jefferson Barracks Park for over 36 years.

It is hosted by the U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, Inc. a unit that is over 39 years old, to honor all those who have served in the US Armed Forces.

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When is WWII Weekend Held?

It is always held the last full weekend in April, except when circumstances dictate otherwise. Please check out the Facebook WWII Weekend Event Page for exact event dates and schedule.

What is the attendance like at WWII Weekend?

The past few WWII Weekend events have seen ~400 reenactors attending with units representing US Rangers, US Airborne, US Armored Forces, US Infantry, Russian Infantry, British Airborne, Canadian YMCA, Canadian RCME, Italian Infantry, German Heer, German SS, German Paratroopers, and German SS Panzer forces. There are also at least a dozen operational and participating WWII vehicles including Stuart tanks, German and US half tracks, German and US motorcycles, British armor, trucks and jeeps.

We usually expect over 20,000 public viewers to attend and enjoy the weekend.

How much does WWII Weekend Cost?

The event is free to the public and participants, but it costs the 2nd Rangers over $15,000 to hold this event. Those costs do not include marketing, advertising, explosives, food, drink, or staff - everyone who works the event volunteers their time. The 2nd Rangers does not receive grants for this event, all funds are from donations from previous events.

No one - no vendors, reenactors, or vehicle display personnel are paid to attend.

The 2nd Rangers are a non profit organization and we survive off of your donations, as such, donations are greatly appreciated. As the U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) we are able to issue tax donation receipts for any donations and will have marked envelopes on site that will allow you to record your e-mail address and/or mailing address along with your donation so you will receive your tax-deduction receipt or you can donate online.

What is there to do at WWII Weekend?

There are two main areas of interest at WWII Weekend: the encampment and, about a quarter mile away, the battle field.

There are two battles on Saturday at 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, a dance Saturday night, and a battle on Sunday at 12:00 PM.

In addition to the battles and encampment, Jefferson Barracks is an amazing piece of history (click here to learn more about Jefferson Barracks).

View photos from our 2004 through 2013 WWII Weekend events.

The Encampment

A large educational encampment will display the equipment of all the reenactors. The encampment is located at the west end of Jefferson Barracks County Park just south of the visitor's center.

Weapons and other equipment demonstrations will be held in the camp throughout the weekend.

Modern vehicles are only allowed to enter for unloading and must be cleared out of the area immediately. Modern camping for participants is allowed South of Lee's shelter.

There will be both Allied and Axis camp sites. We have plenty of room for any period correct display. Reenactors are reminded that WWII veterans attend this event and our displays must conform to their memories. If you have a good display that you want to show it off now is the time to educate the public on WWII. There will also be a Military Vehicle Preservation Association display in the camp. Several food concessions will be selling food near the visitor's center. Along with militaria vendors.

The Battlefield

The battlefield will be set-up ahead of time with props such as tank obstacles and wall sections. It is located in the large field across from Grant's Pavilion on the east side of Gregg Rd. The spectator area is well defined and a sheltered area with some chairs is reserved for veterans. An announcer will narrate the battles and the weapons demonstrations. Spectators are allowed onto the battlefield afterward to see where the enemy was defeated. Hearing protection may be a a good idea. The battlefield is about a quarter mile from the encampment and reenactors can march or ride in WWII vehicles back and forth.

The Dance

A WWII Canteen Dance will be held Saturday night. Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery borders the park to the south. Please contact Friends of Jefferson Barracks directly for additional information and tickets at (314) 544-5714; the 2nd Rangers do not sell tickets for the dance.

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