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Welcome to the U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion St. Louis, Inc. website. Here you'll learn who we are, what we do, where we can be seen, when we host events, and why we do it.

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Welcome to our new website!
In addition to a new look and feel we also have a lot of new pages and features that we hope you enjoy.
Use the main navigation above to explore the new site and if you get lost - or are looking for something specific - try our Site Map, which is [...]

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2ndRangers - Welcome to our new discussion boards!
The discussion boards are for you to discuss any and everything you desire.  This board is for general discussion that doesn't fit in the other areas of the site.  Miscategorized threads will be moved to the correct forum....[more]

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ARGUMENT: Operational code name for Allied air attacks on German factories in February 1944.

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