We pride ourselves on our website's community aspects. Please join us in creating a better Ranger resource by participating in the interactive areas of our site listed below. If you have suggestions for additional interactive elements we can introduce please contact us with your suggestion.


See photos from events past and even submit your own if you're a registered user. To become a registered photo uploader please contact Kevin Owens.


Do you want to see some snippets of events we've hosted as well as a few we've attended and taped? This is the place to do it. To submit your own videos either upload them to YouTube and provide us with a link via the contact form or contact Kevin Owens.


Do you want to talk with other reenactors? Do so here. Register, create your own threads, and carry on conversations with reenactors around the globe.

The Briefing Room (Blog / News)

Learn about the latest happenings within the 2nd Rangers. You can even submit guest articles to the board for posting privileges.

Communications (Chat)

Do you want to chat in real time with other reenactors? Do so here. We suggest using your real name so people do not get confused however you can choose any nickname you wish. No special software is required.

Glossary (not currently open for the public to update - we're still populating it with foundation information)

There are a lot of WWII terms that you'll hear reenactors say, this is the place to find out what some of them mean. This glossary works like Wikipedia in that it is editable by the public. We currently don't have it open for the public to edit but when we do we'll let you know.

Classifieds (to be live February 1st)

Everyone one of us has something to sell, rather than wait for the Show of Shows register in our classifieds and start selling immediately! There are no listing fees.