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The Rangers are a non-profit group of historians and living history enthusiasts whose purpose is to educate the public on and preserve the history of the Second World War. We do this by respectfully portraying World War II soldiers during battle reenactments, living history events, educational displays, and by collecting and preserving memorabilia of the era. The unit provides for its members a means to do this, thereby keeping alive the history of all nations who fought for freedom. We endeavor to seek greater authenticity in the presentation of our activities. We strive to foster greater interest in the history of the Second World War, and particularly Ranger history, by educating the general public through active public relations. We will honor all veterans of the United States Armed Forces. We are also a group of friends who help each other at all times. A set of bylaws that we all abide by are given to each member. As individuals and as a group we abide by all laws, Federal or otherwise. The Rangers are a non-profit organization and do not promote any political agenda while representing the Rangers.
Yes No I agree with the above statement and ideals.
Yes No Reenacting as a Ranger will require me to acquire enough equipment to meet the Ranger's high quality Standards. A standard Ranger impression will cost over $1,500. I agree that I can and will cover the cost of being a Ranger.
Yes No I am over 16 but not 18.
Yes No I am over 18.
Yes No I am legally prohibited from owning and/or using a firearm.
Yes No I have completed a gun safety course.
Yes No I believe authenticity is crucial for reenacting (ie. no visible cell phones, no current watches, etc.).
Yes No I believe safety is crucial for the unit (ie. I agree that all of my weapons can be checked at each event.)
Do you have any skills outside of your occupation that you think would be of benefit to the organization?
List any other reenacting units, if any, you have been involved with. List the unit's name, nationality, era, your rank, locality of unit and if you are still a member:
List any other impressions you do or may want to do (ie. British, Late War, Early War, Soviet, Canadian, etc.):
How would the Rangers benefit from accepting you?
I have read the Mission Statement and agree with it.
You declare that you have read the Ranger History and understand that you are responsible to know it.
I have read and understand the Bylaws and that this is a time and financially consuming obligation and I have.

Please Note:
by enlisting in the U.S. 2nd Rangers Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, Inc. you grant to the U.S. 2nd Rangers Infantry Division of St. Louis, Inc. and to its employees, agents, and assigns the right to photograph you and/or your dependent and use the photo and/or other digital reproduction of you/him/her and/or other reproduction of your/his/her physical likeness for publication processes, whether electronic, print, digital, or electronic publishing via the internet.

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