We are very proud of our 40+ members, meet them below. Some of our members have special roles, which are indicated in their bio.

Unit : : designations are for members who are not on the board but who have special duties within the Unit.
Board : : desigations are for members who also hold positions on The Board of Directors.

Member Profiles

If you are not shown below please send the following information to : Please include your rank, first name, last name, current member type, year you joined the Rangers, a brief description of you and why you are in the unit, and a photo of you - preferably in Class A dress (we will crop it to suit the format below). E-mail Addresses

If you are a current member and would like your own e-mail address please e-mail us at . We will set up your e-mail address and send you instructions on how to incorporate it into your chosen e-mail program and will also provide you instructions to access your e-mail for this account online. Please note that all e-mail is monitored and to be used for 2nd Rangers business only.

NOTE: All e-mail addresses shown below, and throughout our website, are encrypted to prevent spam.


Jeff Germer
Join Year
Pfc. Jeff Germer (Buster)
Private First Class
Ryan Owens
Pfc. Ryan Owens (Cupcake)
Private First Class
Kevin Owens
Sgt. Kevin Owens (Sweetmeat)
Private First Class
Board : : President
Unit : : Paramedic / Firefighter

Ryan Warner
Pvt. Ryan Warner

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