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This is our home base, where you can see the latest of everything on one page: news, blog entry, forum posts, photos, event information, and so on.

Site Map

You're here right now. This page provides you with links to all the pages at our site.

Privacy Policy

Learn how we use the information you submit to our site (our lists are never sent to 3rd parties and we will not spam you).

Terms of Service

Learn how you are allowed to use the information at our site and the terms and conditions of using our site.

Legal Terms

This page outlines the legal terms that protect us - and you - from any possible legal issues.


Interested to see what others think about us and share your own thoughts? Visit this page.

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About Us

This page contains excerpts from all of the links below. It will also show our most recent blog post and news entry.

Ranger History

Learn about the Rangers.

Mission Statement

Learn why we do what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? The answer might be here. If it isn't, please contact us and we'll personally address your query.

How to Enlist

Learn how you can enroll in the U.S. 2nd Rangers Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, Inc.


US Military ranks for WWII and post WWII.


Our board consists of a President, Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Learn our rules and regulations. Our bylaws govern how our company works so we strongly suggest you read them and respect them.

Contact Us

Contact us if you have questions, concerns, compliments, or complaints.

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We have standards for our member's appearance, hairstyles, equipment, weapons, and vehicles. We represent some of the most respected and valued members of our society. It is crucial we are respectful of who and what it is we are representing. This page briefly outlines our standards, view the pages below for more detailed outlines.


Learn about the image you are representing: the haircut you should have, the uniform you will wear, the image you will portray.


Learn about the equipment we require you have, and the equipment we suggest you have.

Our Equipment List, with estimated prices, is also available to print as a PDF.
Click here to access the PDF PDF Icon OR right click that link and choose 'save target as...'.


Every Ranger is required to carry period appropriate, well maintained, and functional weapons. Acceptable weapons are outlined here.


We are representing a very specific time in history. As such, it is crucial that the image we are portraying is authentic. At each event each resgistered attendee will be reviewed for authenticity. This page outlines why we do it and what you can expect.


Safety is of paramount importance to our company. There are very real risks associated with what we do. Learn about our safety precautions and what you can expect at the next event you attend.

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We host, and are a part of, many events throughout the year. Learn about all of them on this page, and view the pages linked below for more specific information.


View all of our events, events we are a part of, individual events, other unit events, suggest an event, and so forth at our calendar.

WWII Weekend

This is our largest event. It occurs mid April each year, is open to the public, and requires an extraordinary amount of planning and dedication. Learn more about it on this page.

River Battle (to be updated for 2009 in June)

This is our second-largest event. It generally occurs in mid December each year and is a private event for the unit and other unit members. Learn more about it on this page.


If you are planning on attending one or more of our events as a reenactor or as a vendor please complete a preliminary registration form. This allows us to keep track of who is attending, who they are, their emergency contact information and more. This also speeds up your registration at our events.

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Media (live in June)

On this page you will have access to our Newsletter and its archives, various downloads including posters, and our press kit. You can also contact us via a form on this page if you would like us to attend your event.


Sign up for our newsletter, read our archived newsletters, submit suggestions, and more.

Downloads (live in June)

Download and print posters, foot product wrappers, uniform specifications, weapon specifications, and more.

Press Kit (live in June)

Do you want to know more about us or do you want something to give someone else to educate them about what we do? Our press kit is exactly what you're looking for.

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We have a lot of resources we use on a regular basis including shopping, unit, and other links. Submit your own on this page and see where we buy from, where we recommend, and other units in Missouri and around the nation.


Looking for a piece of equipment? A helmet? An ellusive pair of boots? These sites are where we shop and we only post those we recommend and have personal experience with.

Other Units

There are thousands of re-enactor group in the U.S. and tends of thousands around the world. Here, we have links to some of those we have personal experience with. If you would like us to link to your Unit please visit the links page and submit your information using the form posted.

Memorial Websites

This page is dedicated to memorial sites for Ranger family and Ranger Veterans.

Other Websites

This page is for links for websites that are not vendors, other units, or memorial sites.

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We aren't just a company. We're a family. We have a shared interest and are keen to share our knowledge and passion. Join our community and view our photos, submit your own, participate in our forums, read our blog, chat with other members of our unit and others, and peruse or add to our classifieds.


We are always sure to post photos of events we attend and/or participate in, this is where you can see them and even upload your own.


When possible we try to post videos of events we attend and/or participate in, this is where you can see them and even upload your own.


We're often asked questions about what it is we do, why we do it, where one can purchase things we have and more. Our forums will help answer your questions and may spark some interesting conversation.

Blog / News

Do you want to keep up with what's happening with the Rangers? This is where our most pressing news will be announced. Come back often!


Are you misunderstood because of your re-enacting passion? Talk with other like-minded individuals here.

Glossary (live in June)

There are a lot of WWII terms that you'll hear reenactors say, this is the place to find out what some of them mean. This glossary works like Wikipedia in that it is editable by the public. We currently don't have it open for the public to edit but when we do we'll let you know.

Classifieds (live in June)

We are all collectors, and we all have too much stuff. Rather than wait for the Show of Shows, this is the place to post your unwanted and wanted items throughout the year. Create an account today and start posting immediately.

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Contact Us

We value your opinion. Contact us if you have questions, concerns, compliments, or complaints.


Interested to see what others think about us and share your own thoughts? Visit this page.

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