As reenactors it it our responsibility to represent WWII veterans with pride. We do this in several ways: from the way we look to how we carry ourselves to how we represent ourselves on the battlefield — and off. Please view the pages linked below for more indepth details about how we uphold these standards.


Your appearance is the first thing people see, ensure it is not only period correct, but appropriate for your position in the company.


Every Ranger is expected to have a certain number of items on their person at all times. This page outlines those items.

To access a more full list of equipment view our recommended Equipment List with approximate costs. Or print the list PDF Icon - this link will open a PDF file. If you do not want it to open right click the link and choose 'save target as'.


Each Ranger is required to have certain weapons as part of their full uniform. View this page to see the weapons that are allowed and recommended.


It is crucial that we, as Ranger representatives, are fully authentic. If you have questions about authenticity, why we put so much emphasis on it, and what constitutes as non-authentic or 'farby', please view this page.


It is of utmost importance to our company and our viewers that safety standards are adhered to at all events. This page outlines the various safety measures we take and why we take them.

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