Authenticity Standards

Authentiticy is crucial for a proper impression. Please view our various standards pages for more details and our authenticity regulations below.

  1. Unit commanders must be 21 years of age and agree to be responsible for the safety, conduct, and authenticity of all participants serving as a member of his unit. A reenactor "freelancing" or serving without proper unit affiliation, ie. a floater, will not be placed in charge of any units with which they are not familiar.
  2. All persons will present a correct and proper military appearance in representing a member of any army as they appeared in World War II.
  3. No currently issued medals of valor, meritorious ribbons, or insignia (such as medal of honor, distinguished service cross, purple heart, combat infantry badge) shall be worn by persons who did not earn them in actual service.
  4. Hairstyle of the 1940s will be required of all male participants and will consist of sideburns that do not extend past the middle of the ear, proper trim around the ears, and a tapered cut on the area behind the ears. The haircut may not extend below the upper edge of the collar of the service shirt. Proper mustaches and/or beards are allowed in the units that permitted them.
  5. Uniforms and equipment must be of a model or type in use prior to 1945, used by the unit portrayed, or an acceptable replica.
  6. Unit Commanders and/or U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion assigned Authenticity Agents will give written notices to Authenticity Offenders for those members that are deficient in areas of authenticity (that is haircut, uniforms, equipment, etc.). The notice will indicate the area or deficiency and the individual and his unit commander will each sign and receive a copy. At the following event the individual will be checked again and if the problem has not been corrected to the satisfaction of the Unit Commanders and/or U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion assigned Authenticity Agent the individual's money (if presented) will be refunded and he will be asked to leave. Units continually receiving excessive numbers of individual warnings will be cited and may be prohibited from participation in events until they have corrected the deficiencies. Major infractions or deficiencies such as no attempt to get a haircut, completely wrong uniform, etc., may result in immediate dismissal from the event.
  7. When there is an authentic field event all uniforms and equipment in this area must be authentic. Exception, only during setup and tear down.
  8. All participants will wear unit appropriate headgear during tactical and battle reenactment events (combat helmets, berets, etc.).

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