Equipment Standards

The use of original, mint-condition web gear in a battle scenario is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.

It is acceptable and even advisable to use equipment that is not in the best of shape as long as it is "Combat Serviceable". Many men in the unit are opting to use some of the better quality reproduction gear now being offered at prices comparable to originals and, in some cases, much cheaper.

Load-bearing gear should be tan or transitional light green in color as is consistent with WWI or early WWII manufacture. If dark green gear of late- or post-war manufacture is already owned, it may be used until the proper color is obtained. Most U.S. and some British equipment is acceptable for use, just be sure to check with the unit command.

To access a more full list of equipment view our recommended Equipment List with approximate costs. Or print the list PDF Icon - this link will open a PDF file. If you do not want it to open right click the link and choose 'save target as'.

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Basic Individual Equipment

The following field gear is standard early/mid-war issue. The numbers listed below are the required minimum (ie. you can have more than one belt but you must have at least one of those shown.)

One Belt

Cartridge Belt, Dismounted, M1910, M1917, or M1923 or Pistol Belt M1912 or M1936.

M1923 Cartridge Belt

M1936 Pistol Belt

One First Aid Pocket

M1910, M1924, or M1942 (most common). It is required that you carry a modern wound bandage during battle scenarios.

M1910 First Aid

M1942 First Aid

One Pack System

Haversack, M1910 or M1928 or Field Pack (Musette Bag: this should be worn as shown, with the strap, only officers and paratroopers wore Musette bags on their backs), M1936 with Suspenders, M1936 or M1943.

M1928 Haver Sack       M1926 Musette Bag

M1936 Combat Suspenders

One Entrenching Tool

Shovel, M1910 with Cover M1910 or Pick Mattock, M1910 with Carrier, Entrenching Tool, M1943 with Cover M1943 or Entrenching Tool, M1945 with Cover M1943. Some events require participants to carry shovels to fight possible brush fires.

E Tools

One Canteen Set

Canteen, M1910 WWI or WWII type or Canteen Cup, M1910, WWI or WWII type. These three items make one set. Canteen cup may be left out of second set. It is preferable to have more than one on hot days (ie. for WWII weekend).


Other Equipment

One Pair of Gloves (leather, wool, or jersey-type)


One Sweater (WWII-type or civilian pattern)


One Servicable Poncho (GI oilskin type is preferred)


One WWII-type Mess Kit and "Eating Irons"

Mess Kit

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