WWII Weekend 2009

To learn more about WWII Weekend please use the tabs below. Please note that this information is subject to change. Please check back often. If you have any questions please contact our President. To register please complete our online registration form - please note, if you are under 18 you must have a guardian present when you complete the form.

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What is World War II Weekend?

WWII Weekend is the biggest WWII reenacting event in the St. Louis area and is held rain or shine. It is also one of the oldest WWII reenacting events having been held at historic Jefferson Barracks Park for over 20 years.

It is hosted by the U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, Inc. a unit that is over 29 years old, to honor all those who have served in the US Armed Forces.

When is World War II Weekend Held?

It is always held the last full weekend in April - and is held rain or shine. In 2009 that would be April 25th - 26th.

What is the attendance like at World War II Weekend?

The past few WWII Weekend events have seen ~350 reenactors attending with units representing US Rangers, US Airborne, US Armored Forces, US Infantry, Russian Infantry, British Airborne, Canadian YMCA, Canadian RCME, Italian Infantry, German Heer, German SS, German Paratroopers, and German SS Panzer forces. There are also at least a dozen operational and participating WWII vehicles including Stuart tanks, German and US half tracks, German and US motorcycles, British armor, trucks and jeeps.

We usually expect over 5,000 public viewers to attend and enjoy the weekend.

How much does World War II Weekend Cost?

It is free to the public and participants, but donations are appreciated. As the U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) we are able to issue tax donation receipts for any donations. Please visit our dedicated donation booth (combined with the online registration booth) at the event or donate online and receive your receipt immediately.

What is there to do at World War II Weekend?

There are two main areas of interest at WWII Weekend: the encampment and, about a half mile away, the battle field.

There are two battles on Saturday, a dance Saturday night, and a battle on Sunday.

In addition to the battles and encampment, Jefferson Barracks is an amazing piece of history (click here to learn more about Jefferson Barracks).

View photos from our 2004 through 2008 WWII Weekend events.

The Encampment

A large educational encampment will display the equipment of all the reenactors. The encampment is located at the north end of Jefferson Barracks County Park across from the visitor's center and is bordered by Gark, CCC, and Bagby roads and the footpath. We call this area the square. Within this square area only WWII equipment will be allowed from Friday afternoon until Sunday 3pm. Weapons and other equipment demonstrations will be held in the camp throughout the weekend. Modern vehicles are only allowed to enter for unloading and must be cleared out of the area immediately. Modern camping for participants is allowed in the old Camp Calendar area overlooking the river. There will be both Allied and Axis camp sites. The stone barn near the Visitor's Center will serve as the reenactor registration point. Stop by there to register and inquire about camp layout. We have plenty of room for any period correct display. Reenactors are reminded that WWII veterans attend this event and our displays must conform to their memories. If you have a good display that you want to show it off now is the time to educate the public on WWII. There will also be a Military Vehicle Preservation Association display in the camp. A food concession will be selling food near the camp.

The Battlefield

The battlefield will be set up ahead of time with props such as tank obstacles and wall sections. It is located in the large field across from Grant's Pavilion on the east side of Gregg Rd. The spectator area is well defined and a sheltered area with some chairs is reserved for veterans. An announcer will narrate the battles and the weapons demonstrations. Spectators are allowed onto the battlefield afterwards to see where the enemy was defeated. Hearing protection may be a a good idea. The battlefield is about a half mile from the encampment and reenactors can march or ride in WWII vehicles back and forth.

The Dance

A WWII big band dance will be held at Grants shelter on Saturday night. Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery borders the park to the south. The Friends of Jefferson Barracks will be hosting the dance as well as a dinner prior to the dance. A nominal charge will be required for dinner and we encourage you to donate in addition to that charge.

When does everything happen?

All times are subject to change - this is a temporary outline for planning purposes. Please return often for changes - once the Itinerary is complete this area will state that it is the Final Itinerary.

Monday through Friday

0600 - 2300 - Early setup of camp for pre-registered units only. To preregister please go to our registration page.


0800 - 1400 - Educational tours for schools. Please contact our President to arrange for an educational tour for your class.

1800 - 2000 - Dinner provided by the 2nd Rangers at their camp. This is for reenactors and vendors only - bring your mess kit.

2100 - 2200 - Commanding Officer meeting to discuss battle (time subject to change).


1100 - 1130 - First Battle

1400 - 1430 - Second Battle

1700 - 1830 - Dinner with the Friends of Jefferson Barracks (there is a nominal charge for dinner).

1900 - 2300 - Dance sponsored by Friends of Jefferson Barracks (this is open to the public but tickets are required to be purchased in advance).


1200 - 1230 - Battle

1400 - 2359 - Clean-up and camp take down. Help cleaning up from all reenactors is appreciated.


The point of contact for pre-registration for camp sites is our President Kevin Owens ( ). Please contact him through the e-mail link shown. Pre-registration is not required but is recommended for all participants - especially those requesting previously used camp-sites.

  1. MVPA
  2. 1st SSF
  3. 121st Engineers / 29th Infantry Division
  4. 5th Infantry Division
  5. 22nd Independent Paratrooper Coy.
  6. British 6th Airborne
  7. 84th Infantry Division Rail Splitters
  9. 82nd Airborne
10. 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment
11. 29th Infantry Division / 116th Regiment
12. Canadian YMCA
13. British 1st Airborne Recce First Squadron
15. Russians
16. SS Junkershule/38th Grenadier Dv
17. 5th SS. Wiking
22. 14th Armored Division

29. 12th SS
30. 1st SS LAH
31. 1st SS LAH
32. 1st SS LAH
36. 1st SS LAH
37. 1st SS LAH
38. 38 Jager
39. 38 Jager
40. Italian
41. Italian
42. 353rd German Infantry / 5th Falschirmjaegr
43. Vendors and Non-Period Camping
44. Private Camp
47. 2nd Rangers
48. 2nd Infantry Division


From highway 255 (270) exit onto Telegraph Rd and turn North. Drive almost exactly 3.0 miles to the park entrance on the right, do not veer left when Telegraph Rd. deviates to the left. Stay straight and the road will transition into Kingston Dr. After you have traveled 3.0 miles from the highway, you will see Jefferson Barracks County Park entrance on the right. Enter here, pass through the stone gate, and make the first (Gark Rd.) or second (CCC Rd) left to get to the encampments.

There is plenty of free parking is available.

For Reenactors

Reenactors will have a special area at our site for more detailed information and printable handouts, maps, online registration links, and more, until then here is some general information.


The minimum age for the battle is 18. If a parent or guardian is also reenacting this event and is on the battle field, the minimum age for participation is 16. Parents with children under 16 are responsible for supervising their children at all times. Anyone under 18 is to sign a release form and have their parent or guardian sign a release form at the time of registration releasing the U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, Inc. from all legal responsibility.

Who is Welcome?

Any WWII E.T.O. combat reenactor is welcome to come and be in the battle, this includes all American, German, British, Italian, Canadian, and Russian reenactors. In order to participate in the battle you must conform to and pass all authenticity and safety standards. Any individuals not conforming to or passing authenticity and safety standards will be subject to removal from the battle site.


Set-up will take place the entire week prior to the actual event. Any camp set-up earlier than Friday requires pre-registration (link to pre-registration).


All reenactors and exhibitors will be required to register - online or in person. If in person, please register as early as possible on Saturday morning. We will have registration at the stone barn across from the visitor's center. If you register online please print your confirmation form and bring a copy of it to the registration desk - there will be one person dedicated to online registrations to ensure you are processed quickly.

Unit Commanding Officers: Please check in at the Ranger camp when you get there and ask for the event coordinator, to get the latest information. A Commanding Officer meeting will be held to go over the battle plan in the Ranger GP medium tent on Friday night, the time will be determined closer to the event.

Safety and Authenticity

Everyone that plans on being in WWII Weekend will go through a Safety and Authenticity check. This is mandatory. Please have your reenactor identification card with you at all times including at the safety and authenticity check and any and all battles. Your reenactor identification card will be issued upon successful registration.

MPs will do random spot checks for your registration card.

Any reenactors declining a safety and authenticity check will be asked to leave the encampment and/or battlefield.


All items must be period correct. That includes your uniform, hair style, accessories (glasses are the exception), vehicles, weapons, et. al. If you have questions contact a board member or the Event Coordinator and request a review of your questionable item.

During WWII they did not have cell phones, slurpies, plastic trash bags, nylon chairs or other stuff like that so keep up the correct appearance all weekend.

Reenactors are required to conform to the uniform and equipment standards of the impression they are portraying. Your participation in this event is dependent on looking right. We will be looking especially for bad hair cuts. At recent events haircuts have been provided at inspection and no they did not look good so be prepared ahead of time. Off the collars and ears. Long hair will not be tolerated. This is a public battle so be sure your uniform is correct and in good condition. If it is worn, faded or torn get a new one.

The Rangers will recruit safety and authenticity representatives from the other nationalities to inspect their ranks. Be warned if one of your members is farby it will reflect on your entire unit. Do not let it get that far. Look right ahead of time.


No live ammunition is allowed on site - no exceptions.

For the safety check all weapons must be presented with actions open.

Preregistration for Camp Sites

The point of contact for pre-registration for camp sites is Kevin Owens ( ). Please contact him through the e-mail link shown. Pre-registration is not required but is recommended for all participants - especially those requesting previously used camp-sites.


There will be two areas dedicated to vending. Some vending will be located at the visitor center and some on the opposite side of the camp. To pre-register for your spot at the event please complete the online form - indoor spots are limited and are at a cost of $20, outdoor spots are at a cost of $15.


Period correct vehicles are encouraged. Tanks and halftracks are welcome.

In the past a vehicle was not allowed to participate because it was not correct. Make sure your equipment is correct before dragging it out there.


Pyrotechnics will be allowed on a case-by-case basis. The appointed safety commitee will have the final say and will consider the dryness of the field and appearance of the device. Their decision is final.


Things to Think About:

Bring more water than you think you will need.

Dress for the weather - be it rain, shine, or snow.

Bring extra clothes and blankets should yours become saturated.

Refusal to obey the following rules and any other commands of the event organizers, the U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion of St. Louis, Inc., or the St. Louis County Parks Department, will result in your dismissal from the event.

  1. This will be a public battle and encampment with WWII veterans observing. Do not do anything that would disrespect their memories.
  2. During any battle if you have a misfire STOP, remove the round and pocket it! Kids scour the battlefield for spent rounds and we do not want them to take home any duds. Take the time to do the right thing. Do not just let it fly.
  3. All participants must conduct themselves in a safe, responsible manner, at all times.
  4. No live ammunition will be allowed in the park for any reason. Only blanks in good condition are to be used. Wood tipped blanks may only be used in firearms with shredders. Test firing of blanks in the encampment will only be allowed in the middle of the encampment field form 9am till 4pm.
  5. No firearm is to be pointed directly at anyone closer than 50 feet. Do not fire blindly around obstacles or vehicles.
  6. No one is to affix any bayonet to any firearm during the battle or when the public is close by.
  7. All shotguns must be approved before use.
  8. Illegal drugs are not permitted. Park department rules may not allow alcohol in camp after dark. Act responsibly.
  9. Helmets, eye, and hearing protection strongly recommended. We will not be held responsible for injuries for lack of this equipment.
  10. All firearms must be on safe while entering or exiting a vehicle or when not engaging a target.
  11. All participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian when on the battlefield.
  12. Authenticity will be enforced, by event MPs, in the encampment square, the area bordered by 3 roads and the footpath in front of the visitors center, from Friday afternoon until Sunday at 3 PM. If you must bring a personal vehicle into the square to offload it must be removed immediately. MPs will strictly enforce this. Modern camping is available. Please view our Camp map for details and to pre-register.
  13. Period vehicles will operate in a safe manner and not damage park property including trees, will be operated by a licensed driver, have functional brakes, tires, steering, liability insurance, and a fire extinguisher. If the parks department complains to the event organizer about unsafe or damaging acts you will be ejected from the event.
  14. Only period correct vehicles will be allowed to participate or display in the square. Non WWII dated vehicles may display in front of the Powder Magazine as part of the MVPA display. The MVPA event organizers rules will be observed.
  15. Any litter you make anywhere in the park will be cleaned up by you.
  16. If you sustain a real injury and need assistance, call out the word "Corpman" not medic. This will be a sign that the battle will stop until assistance is obtained.
  17. All participants authenticity must be in compliance with their unit’s standards to be allowed to participate. You must have a correct uniform for the WWII unit you portray. Your weapon must be correct for your unit. All participants will have hair cut above the ears and above the collar. Facial hair must be correct to WWII standards. Earrings are not allowed. If fewer than three of your unit is at this event you must be checked by U.S. 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion MPs. Read rule #1.
  18. Members of a unit with less than three members in attendance may not portray an officer.
  19. Complaints, suggestions, or compliments should be made in writing via our contact form. Your concerns will be addressed within 48 hours.

All mileages are approximate.

Holiday Inn St. Louis - South County Center Hotel (3.9 mi)
6921 South Lindbergh Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63125

Oak Grove Investments (5.1 mi)
6602 S. Lindbergh Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63123

Hampton Inn (5.4 mi)
Admiral Parkway
Columbia, IL
(618) 281-9000

Holiday Inn St. Louis - Southwest (5.8 mi)
10709 Watson Rd.
St. Louis, MO
(877) 863-4780

Holiday Inn - St. Louis South (5.9 mi)
4234 Butler Hill Road
St. Louis, MO 63129

Ramada Arnold (6.8 mi)
2121 Ridge Road
Arnold, MO
(636) 282-2400

Drury Hotels (6.7 mi)
1201 Drury Ln
Arnold, MO
(636) 296-9600

Days Inn (7.6 mi)
3660 S. Lindbergh Blvd
St. Louis, MO
(314) 821-3000

All mileages are approximate.

Jack in the Box (0.8 mi)
2666 Telegraph Rd
St. Louis, MO

Waffle House (1.2 mi)
3154 Telegraph Rd
St. Louis, MO

Steak 'N Shake (1.2 mi)
3226 Telegraph Rd
St. Louis, MO

1300 Lemay Ferry Rd (2.0 mi)
St. Louis, MO

McDonald's (1.2 mi)
3282 Telegraph Rd
St. Louis, MO

3270 Telegraph Rd (1.2 mi)
St. Louis, MO

Blimpie Subs & Salads (1.2 mi)
3270 Telegraph Rd.
St. Louis, MO

Double D's Hangout (1.4 mi)
9853 S. Broadway
St. Louis, MO

Hardees (1.8 mi)
2580 Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO

Taco Bell (1.2 mi)
3204 Telegraph Rd.
St. Louis, MO

Church's Fried Chicken (2.1 mi)
1200 Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO

Domino's Pizza (2.2 mi)
3239 Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO

Some Other Place Bar and Grill (1.9 mi)
1500 Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO

Little Caesars Pizza (2.1 mi)
1040 Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO

Hooters (2.4 mi)
7517 S. Lindbergh Blvd.
St. Louis, MO

Show-Me's of South County (2.2 mi)
3500 Lemay Ferry Rd.
St. Louis, MO

To submit your WWII Weekend photos and/or video please contact Kevin Owens ( ) and he will provide you with the appropriate instructions depending on the quantity and quality of the photos and/or video you would like to submit.

View photos from our 2004 through 2008 WWII Weekend events.

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